In the circle of life in nature or a school, one thing remains constant that is CHANGE. Children move into their new classes and the teachers cope with ever-increasing responsibilities of a rapidly growing school. We need parents to have faith and trust in Sloka and embrace this change. Please know that change is good as when the old leaves fall, we are sure that the brightest green leaves will unfurl to keep us cool on the hottest summer days.

It is good to see parents walking into the school and enjoying. Next year, we hope to form a talent pool of parents, coordinated by the class teachers. We would also like more parents to attend the school events. We also invite your participation at the Waldorf training conducted by the school. These training are open to the parents. Please contact your child’s Class Teacher for further details.

Much of what was planned last year has already become a reality.New plans have been made for next year. The setting up of the Physics and Chemistry Labs is being coordinated by one of our senior teachers, Mrs. Radhika Rani, with support and advice from Wolfgang Koettker. A common Children’s Library will be ready this coming year. Fresh equipment has been ordered to enhance the sports activities of the school. A ceramic kiln was built this year at the school to support the art and chemistry work done here.

We would like to thank all the parents who have contributed generously towards making Sloka what it is today. As is our constant promise, we will actively see that everything needed to enrich the children’ s schooling in this child-centered school is continuously brought in.

Warm Regards
Nirmala Diaz
Sloka Waldorf School